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Sustainability Strategy

We are experts in all things 'ESG'. Through an iterative process Enriched Horizons helps define your sustainability goals, then create the pathway to exceeding them. Hands-on implementation or hands-off guidance, we've got you covered whatever your needs.

Become a B Corp

If you have aspirations to become a Certified B Corp and need some outside support to turn the dream into reality, then Enriched Horizons can help. With B Leader certification and a perfect track record behind us, we are verified by B Lab as expert B Corp consultants.

Your road to NET ZERO

Enriched Horizons offers expert services to measure and reduce your company's carbon footprint using the latest international science-based reporting standards. No greenwashing here! If you dream of being 'Net Zero', we'll get you there.

Telling your story

Our strategic communications services combine a deep understanding of sustainability issues and cross-sector connections with practical knowledge of how to create change. Let Enriched Horizons tell your story.

Walking The Talk

“Impact Over Intent”, that’s our motto.

As a small consultancy, most of the positive change Enriched Horizons can create is harnessed through the incredible initiatives of our clients, by enabling their positive social and environmental impacts. But, we are also on a journey of our own.

How are we getting on? Well…

1,184 trees funded
in partnership with ecologi
40.85 tons of CO2e avoided
In partnership with ecologi & climatePartner
£5,427 donated to charity
in partnership with 1% for the Planet
122 hours volunteering
In partnership with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, The Institution of environmental sciences & the Conservation leadership programme
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Each of our contributions is independently verified by third-party partners. B Lab, Ecologi, 1% For The Planet, the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, and the Institution of Environmental Sciences.

This is our attempt to prevent greenwashing or over-stating our achievements.

Trust and transparency are key.

You're in good hands...

“Enriched Horizons took us through the complicated B Corp journey which was great. We had such a great time working with them and they are such advocates for what we do. We wanted them to be around us all the time, to hold us in check that our behaviour always lines up to our B Corp values, so we hired them as our permanent in-house sustainability experts.”
Chris Bryce
Partner & CEO
Dotfusion Digital, Canada
“Enriched Horizons was instrumental in our ability to become a B Corp. Since we certified in 2021, they sit as consultants on our team to lead our long-term sustainability mission. To date, we've planted over 200,000 trees, enhanced our sustainability story, and completed over a dozen volunteering activities with Enriched Horizons' support. Long may it last for many years!”
Tony Napodano
Founder & Managing Director
Jump Group, UK


Our heroes on this journey to a better world…

Client Spotlight

Enriched Horizons would be nothing without our super-powered clients. Here is a handful of the amazing projects that we've had the pleasure to curate, support and manage in our quest to make the world a better place:

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